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by Glenn Farrell, on Mar 14, 2023 12:59:17 PM

Membrane switches are a versatile form of human-machine interface. Companies that are replacing clunky mechanical switches with streamlined membrane switches are reaping the benefits: improved aesthetics quality space efficiency simplicity …

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by JC Kocjancic, on Dec 6, 2022 1:20:28 PM

Designing a new product or working to establish specs for future manufacturing runs can put a strain on your time, your budget, and even your ability to satisfy the needs …

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by Glenn Farrell, on Oct 5, 2022 12:26:59 PM

Prototypes could be one of the most beneficial, affordable—and underused—steps to manufacturing excellence. Try before you buy. It is an accepted practice in retail, but many companies overlook its application …

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by Yvonne Smith, on Aug 2, 2022 4:26:23 PM

Are environmental conditions deteriorating the functionality of your membrane switch? As membrane switch applications in the fields of medical devices, aerospace, and personal security become more common and complex, malfunctions …

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by JC Kocjancic, on Jul 10, 2022 12:37:08 PM

When affixing a membrane switch to an enclosure or housing, you have two installation options: an industry-tested adhesive or a metal panel. We recommend that you consider both options when …

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by Glenn Farrell, on Jun 27, 2022 8:59:00 PM

Ever wonder why we ask for so much information on our quote forms? It's because we know, in the long run, it will save you time and frustration. The last …

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by JC Kocjancic, on Jun 14, 2022 4:08:48 PM

The Cubbison Company has reinforced its commitment to continuous improvement by hiring Shawn Larson, a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, as continuous improvement manager. Continuous improvement is part of Cubbison …

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by Cubbison, on Mar 19, 2021 10:25:18 AM

This was against COVID-19 – and let’s not kid ourselves, it is a war – seems to have some hopeful signs. Between the delivery of vaccines and the ongoing efforts at …

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by Cubbison, on Nov 25, 2019 5:09:55 PM

Details Requirements for Meeting Application Criteria of OEMs OEMs turn to membrane switches for fast, accurate, and reliable human-machine interface solutions in order to provide customers with ease-of-use, satisfactory tactile …

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by Cubbison, on Jan 23, 2019 12:09:00 PM

The Eighties marked the invention of the membrane switch to operate machinery. It’s been more than 30 years since membrane switches and keyboards came on the scene, but not without scrutiny. Those skeptical made claims …

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