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Accurate Quotes: Help us help you!

by Glenn Farrell, on Jun 27, 2022 8:59:00 PM

Ever wonder why we ask for so much information on our quote forms? It's because we know, in the long run, it will save you time and frustration. The last thing we want to do is waste your valuable time with unnecessary, back-and-forth emails and phone calls. 

When you ask Cubbison Company for a printed electronics quote—or any quote—you should expect a prompt, accurate response. And that’s exactly what we intend to provide.  

The following four steps will ensure that you receive an accurate quote in the least amount of time: 

  • complete all form fields 
  • identify your preferred internal contact 
  • narrow the scope of your quote request 
  • respond promptly to requests for information 

 Complete All Form Fields 

Time spent up front will save you time in the end. When we receive a request-for-quote form with all fields completed, we are already one step closer to supplying a reliable and prompt quote.  

On the other hand, missing information requires us to interrupt your day to ask for details, and that slows down the entire process. If you’re not sure how to complete a particular field, contact us and we will explain in more detail what we need. 

Identify Your Internal Contact

Let us know how we should direct our questions. Is there a designated person who can respond to technical questions? Would you prefer that we communicate with the individual who will provide quote approval?  

By having clear knowledge of your preferred internal contact, we can prevent the confusion that often accompanies multiple back-and-forth emails. 

 Narrow the Scope of Your Quote Request

The accuracy of a quote depends on the information you provide. While “ballpark quotes” might sound useful, they often become a source of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction. That’s why we gather all the information we need from the start, including specs, drawings, and other details. After all, you want a prompt and accurate quote, not surprises and unanswered questions. 

 Respond Promptly to Requests for Information

Despite our best efforts and yours, other questions will often arise as part of the quoting process. In these situations, even one piece of missing information can delay the quote turnaround time. When you respond promptly to our requests for more information, we can do an even better job of returning a prompt and accurate quote.  

 Requesting a quote from Cubbison Company is easy!  

  • Email, and tell us the product you want quoted. 
  • Complete and return the detailed quote form that you receive from us. 
  • That’s it. We will take it from there! 

Cubbison Company can provide accurate quotes for your printed electronics, user-interface, and commercial product identification needs: nameplates, labels, overlays, membrane switches, sensors, touchscreens, and more. 

 About Glenn Farrell: Glenn Farrell, Cubbison Company’s sales and marketing director, has more than 35 years of across-the-board manufacturing experience. Because of his technical expertise in the areas of printed electronics, user-interface products, signage, and other asset management solutions, Glenn is often an integral part of the quoting process.   

About Cubbison Company: Cubbison Company supports spec-ready and customized solutions to meet the printed electronics, user-interface, and commercial product identification needs of its clients. Companies in the medical device, defense, transportation, industrial power, oil and gas, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors rely on Cubbison Company for engineering and design expertise, manufacturing precision, and exceptional service.  

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