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Membrane Switches: Circuit Options

Membrane Switch Circuit Options

Printed circuit layers use conductive inks, typically silver or copper, to facilitate the flow of electricity. Ink takes little to no space, so a printed membrane switch remains flexible and compact. Because substrates and inks have varied levels of conductivity and resistance, they are an important part of membrane switch design.

The Cubbison Company manufacturers two types of membrane switch circuit types: silver-flex and copper-flex.


Silver-flex circuits use silver inks as the circuit element, with the ink printed on flexible polyester layers. They are often ideal because they are:

  • available as tactile or non-tactile
  • customizable with backlighting and EMI/RFI shielding
  • flexible, affordable, and simple in design

Copper Flex

Copper-flex circuits use a very thin layer of copper affixed to a flexible film substrate that, when etched away, exposes copper conductive traces. This structure accommodates complex and dense circuit patterns that are suitable for environments with excessive vibration or extreme temperature swings, including aerospace, medical, energy, and military applications. 

Copper-flex circuits:

  • accommodate complex or dense circuit patterns when stringent space and weight limitations exist
  • are affixed to circuit boards with soldering rather than an adhesive layer, making them useful in environments with excessive vibration and extreme temperature swings
  • can be easily customized as single- or double-sided, tactile or non-tactile, and with or without backlighting, shielding, and other options
  • provide stronger conductivity and lower electrical resistance

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