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Overlays: Substrates & Adhesives

Substrate and Adhesive Options for Overlays

Overlay Substrates

Substrates for standalone overlays are versatile and able to accommodate contouring and irregular shapes.

To select a substrate, consider the purpose of your overlay and the environment in which it will function. These factors will help you select the most suitable substrate.

Polyester overlays are engineered to maintain readability and withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, chemical exposure, and cleaning solutions. They are also resistant to scratching and staining. While all overlays offer an extended lifespan, polyester overlays are certain to last the lifetime of a membrane switch or touchscreen, since they are engineered to withstand over one million actuations.

Polycarbonate overlays can be manufactured with UV inhibitors, making them suitable for full-sunlight environments. The uniquely soft texture makes polycarbonate overlays popular for branding, buttons, and displays. Polycarbonates do absorb moisture more readily than polyester, so environment is a consideration.

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Overlay Adhesives

Your selection of adhesive will have a bearing on product aesthetics and performance, so the following factors should be considered:

  • chemical exposure
  • environmental factors such as humidity, water, and extreme temperatures
  • lamination, clear coating, and other finishes
  • surface energy, texture, and treatments

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