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High-Speed Printing

High-Speed Printing

High-speed printing translates into lower costs and faster delivery times, with no quality tradeoff. In fact, the HP Indigo high-speed digital press turns out quality that exceeds anything possible with traditional printing methods.  


Digital printing is a single-step process

With digital printing, multiple colors are laid simultaneously onto a substrate, without variance in color nuance, saturation, opacity, or other printing features.  

A digital file leaves no room for variance

With digital printing, your design is delivered directly to the printer via a digital file. The lack of human or mechanical design manipulation guarantees an exactness unattainable by any other method of design transfer.   

These two factors—a digital file and a single-step printing process—ensure that your product will be precise and consistent, whether you are printing 10 or 10,000 products.  

Digital printing enhances legibility

Legibility is an important aspect of print quality. It becomes exceptionally crucial when you need to print a significant amount of information on a label—perhaps for safety or compliance reasons. Digital printing guarantees a higher resolution and legibility than screen printing, which sometimes results in the clogging of a screen's mesh holes. 

Digital printing provides real-time tracking

Digital printing allows the application of real-time tracking as your products move through production, inventory, transport, and delivery. To implement tracking, you can assign and print a unique “serial number” for each product unit. For your convenience, you can use any variable data that is most important to you: place of origin, batch number, item number, etc.   

Digital printing enhances security

One method of counterfeiting prevention is to embed security codes during the digital printing process. These codes authenticate your product and reduce the risk that your technology will be re-engineered or counterfeited.  

Digital printing offers limitless ink options

The HP Indigo Printing Press provides a truly unlimited selection of inks: 

  • selection byond CMYK selections  
  • specialty inks, including electroink silver, invisible yellow electroink, and image-enhancing electroinks 
  • fluorescent, including green, yellow, orange, and pink 
  • matte  
  • invisible  
With these ink selections and an expanded availability of sizes and substrates, you can begin to see why high-speed digital printing options are limitless. 

Call us at (800) 733-4133 discuss your printing needs. With such extensive ink, substrate, and size options, it’s likely that we can manage your printing project quickly and with the highest level of quality. 

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The HP 6K Digital Printing Press delivers faster printing and higher quality:

  • auto-correction of errors in real-time
  • autogenerated optimal printing sequence
  • automated cleaning cycle at the ink sites
  • inline spectrophotometer that provides industry-leading color matching
  • liquid electrophotographic (LEP) ink that dries upon contact to eliminate loss of image fidelity
  • precise printing placement algorithm
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High-Speed Printing for Label Applications

Common high-speed digital printing label applications include: 

  • barcoding 
  • hologram labeling 
  • metalized labeling 
  • multi-laminates 
  • RFID 
  • shrink sleeve labels

A comparison of high-speed digital printing and screen printing

Screen printing typically requires multiple steps, depending on the complexity of your product. For example, a five-color decal requires five separate printing runs. This start-and-stop method of printing can jeopardize the precision of a single product and create variance among different product batches.

The combination of digital printing and converting are often combined to provide optimum accuracy, decreased costs, and faster delivery.

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