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Medical Device Industry

Solutions in the Medical Device Industry

Perhaps no industry is held to higher quality and safety standards than the medical industry.

ISO 13485_2016

Cubbison Company is proud to work alongside established and startup companies that are using smart technology to improve diagnostics, patient care, and medical devices. 

We have invested our resources to maintain ISO13485 certification. This industry certification verifies that our follow robust quality assurance practices that are essential to manufacturing safe and effective medical devices.

Medical Device Touchscreen

Count on Industry-Worthy Products

The Cubbison Company has significant experience working with healthcare and medical device companies. As a result, we have acquired expertise in helping companies design durable, industry-suitable products, such as nameplates, labels, and overlays that can be used for:

  • branding
  • equipment specifications
  • operating instructions
  • safety procedures and warnings
  • simplified user-experience for controls and instrumentation panels
  • UID capabilities to track tangible assets

Selecting the right substrate for your nameplate, label, or overlay is necessary to ensure durability, lasting readability, and compliance with regulatory and maintenance compliance. At times, your application might call for a lightweight, flexible material to satisfy product size and weight limitations. At other times, your product application could require a more rigid substrate, such as stainless steel, aluminum, or Metalphoto®.

Selecting the best adhesive is an equally important design consideration. The adherence of your nameplates, labels, and overlays can deteriorate as a result of:

  • chemicals
  • cleaning solvents
  • humidity
  • moisture
  • operator use
  • vibration

We can come alongside you and manufacture a product to your specifications or customize a solution for you based on the environment and purpose of your product need.

Engage in the Industrial Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a connectedness among products, businesses, and cities. Medical device companies are at the forefront of IOT applications, integrating smart devices that have become central to remote patient monitoring, monitoring patients, glucose levels, heart rate, and mood changes, as well as the prevention of injuries. 

The Cubbison Company supports the ever-expanding applications of flexible electronics and user-interface demands of of the medical device industry, manufacturing membrane switches, sensors, and touchscreens.

These human-machine interface (HMI) products are designed for millions of actuations, often outlasting the equipment they control. To this, we can add the value of eliminating inadvertent actuations resulting from environmental factors, gloved operators, or operator errors.

We also test the functionality of your product before it ever leaves our facility. This testing ensures that your product is ready to install, ready to function optimally, and ready to provide accurate data.

One Client's Force-Sensing Resistor Application

We needed a sensor that could detect the amount and points of pressure resulting from an individual's posture in a wheelchair. Cubbison Company manufactured a sensor configured to work with our software. The sensor records how weight is distributed across the surface area of the wheelchair. That data is used to notify the caretaker that the person needs to be repositioned within a certain amount of time, an action that could help prevent blood clots. 


Collaborate with a Single Manufacturer

The Cubbison Company can comply with your specifications or we can work with you to customize solutions that will function reliably, even in the most rigorous environments.

You can eliminate the inconvenience of working with multiple manufacturers, since The Cubbison Company's offers turnkey services:

  • material sourcing when appropriate
  • design and engineering services
  • prototyping
  • manufacturing
  • testing
  • timely delivery 

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Prioritize Compliance and Quality

At The Cubbison Company, quality assurance is more than a buzzword. It is the character of our company and a commitment to our clients. We adhere to robust quality management systems and, as a result, we have successfully achieved AS9100, ISO13485, and ISO9001 certifications.

ISO13485 Certification indicates that The Cubbison Company maintains robust quality assurance practices that are essential to manufacturing safe and effective medical devices.

We also comply with the following industry standards:

  • CSA standards are accepted by government and regulatory bodies as demonstration of rigorous testing to applicable standards set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI), UL, NSF International (NSF) and other global organizations.
  • ISO9001 Certification verifies that we maintain superior business practices, including a strong customer focus, continual improvement processes, and a high level of management engagement.
  • REACH encompasses standards that maintain a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals.
  • RoHS, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, governs the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards are applied in the assessment of products components, materials, and systems, setting a quality benchmark that provides confidence for end-users.


Sensors are used to monitor, quantify, and self-correct a multitude of factors, including temperature, humidity, flow, touch, position, tilt, weight, strain, glucose, oxygen, and more.​

Because of their precision and the reproducibility of output, sensors give medical device companies an opportunity to innovate and introduce devices that will continue to improve diagnostics and patient care. 

Sensors are relatively simple in design, but their applications can be vast and complex.

Sensor Blog

Printed biosensors are used to gather information from blood, saliva, and sweat, making them useful for monitoring glucose and for a growing number of applications in the personal health sector. 

Printed biometric sensors measure electrical impulses such as heart rate, respiration, and brain and muscle activity. 

Force-sensing resistors monitor and adapt to pressure and weight. 

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Touchscreens and HSS™

Touchscreens can eliminate inadvertent actuations resulting from environmental conditions, gloved operators, or operator error.

If your application requires a reliable solution to touch capacitive variance, our HSS™ Touch Sensing Technology (HSS™) could be the solution you need.​

HSS™ uses touch signatures rather than predetermined capacitive set-points. As a result, the only touches that trigger a response are those matching the design parameters you designate.


Contact us to schedule a FREE DEMONSTRATION of our HSS intelligent touch sensing technology.


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In the medical device industry, precision is crucial. Consider talking to us about our Rapid Prototype Program to maximize your use of resources. 


Prototypes are used to help you vet the design and functionality of your product before you invest in a full production run. You can rely on a prototype to test proof-of-concept, visual appeal, or functionality. To help you stay on track, we can deliver prototypes within a matter of days.Learn about prototypes


Nameplate, Labels, and Overlays

The Cubbison Company, an ISO13485 certified company, manufacturers versatile, lightweight product identification and user-interface products in our 30,000 square-foot, full-service manufacturing facility. Embossed-Metal-Nameplates-for-High-End-Branding

For your nameplate, label, and overlay solutions, Cubbison Company offers:

  • barcoding and UID capabilities
  • easy-to-clean finishes and anti-microbial films
  • graphic design options to convey safety and compliance instructions
  • language translation capabilities
  • selection of strong, durable, and industry-compliant materials
  • lightweight and flexible material options to satisfy size and weight limitations
  • secure adhesives

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About The Cubbison Company: We provide spec-ready and customized solutions to meet the printed electronics, user-interface, and commercial product identification needs of our clients. Companies in the medical device, defense, transportation, industrial power, oil and gas, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors rely on The Cubbison Company for engineering and design expertise, manufacturing precision, and exceptional service.