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User-Interface, HMI, and Printed Electronics

User-Interface, HMI, and Printed Electronics

User-interface and human-machine interface (HMI) are synonymous, catch-all references to points of interaction between people and products. HMI gives users the ability to communicate with and control electrical devices. 

While standalone mechanical switches have filled this need in the past, advanced printing techniques have created the newer science of printed electronics. Printed electronics offer a convenient and compact replacement for bulky, more costly assemblies.

Printed electronics are constructed of stacks of thin, conformable, film-like layers. Delicate patterns of conductive and force-resistant inks are deposited on these layers, which are in turn adhered to flexible, thin substrates. The result is light-weight, compact, and flexible electrical devices, such as membrane switches, copper-flex circuits, and sensors, all of which can be affixed to three-dimensional, curved, and irregular surfaces.

Many of The Cubbison Company's clients, especially in the medical device sector, use printed electronics to revolutionize product capabilities.

Learn more about the application of printed electronics in health care. 

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A Full Range of User-Interface Products

Membrane switches are lightweight, all-in-one printed electrical circuits. Cubbison company manufacturers silver-flex and copper-flex membrane switches. Read more about membrane switches.

Sensors monitor, quantify, and self-correct a multitude of biological, mechanical, and environmental factors. They are an important contributor to the Internet of Things, because they provide a real-time exchange of information between people and devices. Sensors also contribute to life-changing solutions, especially in the medical device industry. Read more about sensors.

Touchscreens display points of human-machine interaction resulting from touch. The Cubbison Company manufactures projective capacitive and resistive touchscreens. Read more about touchscreens.

Intelligent Touch Sensors respond to the physical touch or proximity of a human operator, while eliminating inadvertent actuations. Read more about HSS™.

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Rapid Prototyping

Achieving optimum functionality of  your user-face assembly requires thoughtful design. You can rely on The Cubbison Company's design and engineering experts to guide you from the idea phase through a working prototype and on to full production. 

Read how The Cubbison Company's Rapid Prototype Program can save you time and money.