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In 1951, The Cubbison Company set up shop in Youngstown, Ohio, and quickly became established as the go-to manufacturer of customized commercial and industrial nameplates, labels, signage, and overlays.

Since that time, we have established a 30,000 square-foot, world-class facility and built a top-notch team of engineers, graphic designers, and quality control experts. 

Cubbison has been supplying nameplates and labels to our company for over 25 years. Their customer service staff is always friendly, and they have a very fast response time. Our trust in their quality and reliability has only grown with such a long-term relationship, and their pricing has remained competitive."

We encourage our clients to begin their product design with two factors in mind: purpose and environment.

Purpose: Consider whether your nameplate, label, or overlay will be used for product identification, safety warnings, traceability, date coding, asset management, or some other purpose.

Environment: Consider whether your nameplate, label, or overlay will be subjected to extreme weather conditions, chemical solvents, corrosive materials, abrasives, high humidity, moisture, dust, or other threatening environmental factors.

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Nameplates provide durable solutions for branding, asset management, barcoding, tracking, compliance, safety, and informational purposes. You can customize a nameplate that works for you by selecting from a broad range of substrates, manufacturing methods, sizes, and graphics. Read more about nameplate options.

Labels offer a lightweight and durable alternative to nameplates, with increased versatility in the selection of substrates, finishes, adhesives, sizes, and graphics. They are useful for the purposes of asset management, barcoding, tracking, compliance, and safety. Read more about label options.

Overlays, a tactile alternative to nameplates and labels, also serve as a point of user-interface for membrane switches and touchscreens. Overlays are often used for light-to-heavy industrial, electrical, and medical device applications. Read more about overlay options.

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Customize your nameplates, labels, and overlays:

  • barcoding and UID capabilities
  • easy-to-clean finishes and anti-microbial films
  • graphic design options to convey safety and compliance instructions
  • language translation capabilities
  • lasting readability for regulatory and maintenance compliance
  • lightweight and flexible material options to satisfy size and weight limitations
  • secure adhesives for rigorous environmental and operational factors
  • selection of strong, durable, and industry-compliant substrates including Metalphoto®
  • secure adhesives 

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A Commitment to Our Clients

  • We will prioritize your nameplate, label, and overlay needs.​
  • We will innovate and support your development of next-generation products.​
  • We will serve you with excellence on every occasion.​
  • We will foster a culture of technical excellence, precision, and quality control. 
  • We will continue to expand our global manufacturing resources to satisfy your production needs.​
  • We will use our expertise to support your business success.