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Commercial and industrial nameplates offer durable and affordable solutions for branding, asset management, barcoding, tracking, compliance, safety, and informational purposes.

Nameplate designs are limitless and dependent on your selection of substrates, manufacturing processes, finishes, and graphic elements.


The Cubbison Company has been designing and manufacturing commercial and industrial nameplates for more than seven decades. We serve domestic and international clients in the medical device, defense, aerospace, oil and gas, industrial power, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. Read about all of our commercial and industrial product solutions.

Nameplate Design

We encourage our clients to begin their product design with two factors in mind: purpose and environment.

Purpose: Consider whether your nameplate will be used for product identification, safety warnings, traceability, date coding, asset management, or some other purpose.

Environment: Consider whether your nameplate will be subjected to extreme weather conditions, chemical solvents, corrosive materials, abrasives, high humidity, moisture, dust, or other threatening environmental factors.

Labels as an alternative to nameplates


About The Cubbison Company: We provide spec-ready and customized solutions to meet the printed electronics, user-interface, and commercial product identification needs of our clients. Companies in the medical device, defense, transportation, industrial power, oil and gas, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors rely on The Cubbison Company for engineering and design expertise, manufacturing precision, and exceptional service.

Substrates for nameplates include stainless steel, anodized aluminum, Metalphoto®, brass, and plastic. Adhesive selections depend on the substrate, as well as a number of environmental and industry-specific operating challenges.

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Manufacturing processes for nameplates are varied and somewhat dependent on your choice of substrate.

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Unique Identification (UID) for Nameplates

UID nameplates eliminate the risk of human error and the excessive time spent tracking inventory.

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Customize your nameplates:

  • barcoding and UID capabilities
  • graphic design options to convey safety and compliance instructions
  • lasting readability for regulatory and maintenance compliance
  • secure adhesives for rigorous environmental and operational factors
  • selection of strong, durable, and industry-compliant substrates including Metalphoto®

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