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Nameplates: UID & Barcoding

UID & Barcoding Options for Nameplates

Unique identifiers (UID) are permanent tags that are attached to products for the purpose of tracking inventory and property.

UID tags, or barcodes, ensure systematic, accurate tracking and quick access to information crucial to asset management. UID technology also eliminates the risk of human error and reduces the time necessary to track inventory.

UID Applications

UID barcodes can be added to anodized aluminum nameplates for purposes of tracking and inventory. They are compliant with MIL-STD 130, NAIM, DTM, and ISO15415 standards, making them especially suitable within the federal and defense contracting sectors.


Metalphoto® is sometimes used in conjunction with UID barcoding because it successfully seals machine-readable barcodes and serialized data inside of anodized aluminum. Metalphoto® ensures protection against corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, temperature, and chemicals.

Labels as an alternative to nameplates


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The Metalphoto® process can help verify authenticity and satisfy regulatory compliance.