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Capabilities: Converting

Delta ModTech Crusader Converter

The Cubbison Company employs the Delta ModTech Crusader Converter, a state-of-the-art die cutting platform that accommodates multiple die cutting methods: rotary and sheeting, semi-rotary, and laser.

Delta-Crusader-Converter-1Some of the most common converting techniques include adhering, assembling, cutting, folding, laminating, perforating, rotary punching, scoring, and slitting,  

Converting provides unmatched precision and versatility in the modification of materials for end-user applications. 

One feature of Delta ModTech Converter is that every spindle has an independent servo motor. This design means that every station—cutting, nipping, sealing, printing, and winding—is independently controlled.  

For our clients, our ability to independently control every station results in:  

  • expanded substrate options 
  • faster delivery times  
  • reduced costs 
  • reduced tooling 
  • unparalleled precision 

Expanded Substrate Options

Converting can accommodate an expansive range of substrates, including adhesives, conductive films, and plastic films. Opportunities also exist for innovative converting and coating equipment solutions that are suitable for printed electronics, batteries, security, and RFID products.  

Faster Delivery Times

Our modular converting system speeds up the change of tasks. Also, the Crusader’s programmable cam and self-adjusting corrective mode eliminate duplicate runs that would otherwise be necessary to correct errors in precision. 

Together, these features contribute to faster production and accelerated delivery times. 

Reduced Costs

The programmable, modular technology of the Delta ModTech Converter self-adjusts to maintain absolute precision. In addition to preventing the need for duplicate runs, this level of precision reduces scrap. 

Perhaps most importantly, we can accommodate short runs as easily and as cost-effectively as high-volume jobs. For our clients, the ability to count on fast and affordable short runs is another way to save money and dislodge supply chain backups. 

Unparalleled Precision

Complex and tight tolerance die cuts require exceptional registration, and the Crusader Converter delivers. Its closed-loop registration software delivers precise, automated cutting and the tightest possible tolerances. This capability can satisfy rigid industry regulations, such as those related to the medical device industry. 

The precision of registration on each die cut results from the presence of a separate servo motor at each station. This is a crucial factor in precise tension control and guaranteed precision, even when eye marks are inconsistent. 


In the process of converting, die stations can be set to different tensions and speed ratios. This, along with the vast selection of substrate types and sizes, opens the door for unlimited customization in design, durability, look, and size. 

To learn how converting can provide unmatched precision customization options for your project, email or call (800) 733-4133.

Converting Applications

The Cubbison Company provides converting services across a broad range of industries: aerospace, electronics, industrial power, manufacturing, medical device, oil and gas, and transportation. 

Because customization is readily available, so are product applications. Some of the most common product applications include: 

  • components for electronic devices  
  • ESD/EMI/RFI shielding 
  • insulators  
  • pouches 
  • test strips 
  • seals and gaskets 
  • spacers 
  • wearables 

Samples of industry-specific converting applications include:

  • shaped polyester with selective liner slitting, used for a unique adhesive application
  • rolls of teflon-coated stock used for the automatic application of paint masking
  • VHB foam tape selectively cut to a carrier liner for gaskets

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High-Speed Printing Applications 

For many clients, we are able to combine high-speed printing and converting. This combination provides optimum quality with faster delivery times.

The HP 6K Digital Printing Press optimizes processes that contribute to faster printing and higher quality:

  • auto-correction of errors in real-time
  • autogenerated optimal printing sequence
  • automated cleaning cycle at the ink sites
  • inline spectrophotometer that provides industry-leading color matching
  • liquid electrophotographic (LEP) ink that dries upon contact to eliminate loss of image fidelity
  • precise printing placement algorithm

Read our blog for details about high-speed digital printing.