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Six processes that contribute to high-speed, high-quality digital printing

by Glenn Farrell, on Nov 28, 2022 12:59:51 PM

High-speed printing is—you guessed it, fast—but maybe not for the reasons you have in mind. 

 It goes without saying that speed matters when it comes to product delivery. The sooner you receive delivery, the sooner you can deliver a final product to your client. And in today’s world of supply chain bottlenecks, any breakthrough is a boon for client satisfaction. 

The Cubbison Company is committing all its resources to support on-time deliveries: adding process improvement experts, streamlining operations, investing in employee training, and investing in technology. 

Most recently, The Cubbison Company added the HP Indigo 6K Printing Press to its arsenal of manufacturing equipment. This expansion of technology is a definite factor in our ability to satisfy on-time delivery.  

How Optimized Processes Contribute to High-Speed Digital Printing 

It’s easy to gloss over the basis for high-speed printing, but it’s worth pausing to elaborate. We want you to have the same confidence that we do: higher speed does not mean lesser quality. In fact, in the case of our new high-speed digital printing press, the converse is true: higher speed and better quality go hand in hand.  

Several optimized processes contribute to faster printing and higher quality: 

  1. A precise printing placement algorithm guarantees precision and consistency. Even when you reorder labels, the HP Indigo’s auto-generate calibration feature ensures that the printing placement of your new order will be an exact match to earlier orders. 
  2. An automated cleaning cycle at the ink sites eliminates the time-consuming process of repeated flushes when changing colors or before printing with invisible or clear inks. 
  3. An autogenerated optimal printing sequence ensures an efficient use of time. 
  4. HP Indigo technology detects and corrects errors in real-time, which eliminates the time and money wasted on reprinting.  
  5. An inline spectrophotometer provides rapid, industry-leading color matching. In addition to ensuring consistency and perfectly matched colors, the inline spectrophotometer speeds the matching process, shaving time off the beginning-to-end printing process. 
  6. The liquid electrophotographic (LEP) ink dries upon contact, creating high-resolution images with no loss of image fidelity, blurring, color bleeding, or need for curing. 

If you are applying these high-speed digital printing capabilities to client projects, you can rest easy. Our technology will enable you to deliver brand precision, pristine imagery, and reliable counterfeiting safeguards on every occasion.  

In fact, your (and your clients’) printing options are limited only by imagination. 

Limitless High-Speed Printing Options 

It’s a big claim: “options limited only by imagination,” but it’s one you can count on as you plan your printing projects. 

One door to limitless includes the HP Indigo Printing Press selection of inks: 

  • beyond CMYK selections  
  • specialty inks, including electroink silver, invisible yellow electroink, and image-enhancing electroinks 
  • fluorescent, including green, yellow, orange, and pink 
  • matte  
  • invisible  

With these ink selections and an expanded availability of sizes and substrates, you can begin to see why high-speed digital printing options are limitless. 


High-Speed Printing Applications 

High-speed printing translates into lower costs and faster delivery times. And, as a reminder, there is no quality tradeoff. In fact, the HP Indigo high-speed digital press turns out quality that exceeds anything possible with traditional printing methods.  

Common high-speed digital printing applications include: 

  • barcoding 
  • hologram labeling 
  • metalized labeling 
  • multi-laminates 
  • RFID 
  • shrink sleeve labels 
  • and more 

Give us a call to discuss your printing needs. Because your ink, substrate, and size options are so extensive, it’s likely that we can manage your printing project quickly and with the highest level of quality. 

Email or call (800) 733-4133. And if you’re not receiving our monthly Cubbison TouchPoint newsletter, subscribe here. 

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