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User-Interface: Touchscreens


Touchscreens are user-interface devices that respond to touch. While they are user-friendly, reliable, and low-maintenance, touchscreens are also built to resist impact damage, scratches, corrosion, and environmental threats such as heat, ice, and moisture. This durability means that touchscreens can function accurately even in rigorous conditions. The Cubbison Company manufacturers both projective capacitive and resistive touchscreens.​

Projective capacitive touchscreens are easily recognized because they are used with smartphones, tablets, and kiosks. They register touch based on capacitance, meaning those points at which electrodes make contact with the film covering the device's display.

Projective capacitive touchscreens are commonly used for industrial and medical instrumentation. 

Resistive touchscreens respond only when pressure is applied to the screen. Because responsiveness is based on pressure instead of touch, resistive touchscreens do a better job of eliminating inadvertent touches by users or environmental factors.

Resistive touchscreens are often the technology of choice for industrial applications or environments where operators wear gloves. 


HSS™ Intelligent Touch Sensing provides an alternative to touchscreens

If you need the ultimate defense against inadvertent touches or false triggers, you might want to consider HSS™ Touch Sensing Technology.

HSS Intelligent Touch Sensing by AlSentis-thumb

The HSS's use of  "touch signatures" ensures that you can omit any contact that does not match your device's touch parameters. ​

More about HSSTM

Prototypes can improve your touchscreen design.


Prototypes can help you vet the design and functionality of your product before you invest in a full production run. You can rely on a prototype to test proof-of-concept, visual appeal, or functionality.

Prototypes can be especially useful with touchscreens, since it will give you an opportunity to evaluate operator use.

To help you stay on track, we can deliver a functional prototype within a matter of days.

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Collaborate with a Single Manufacturer

The Cubbison Company can comply with your specifications or we can work with you to customize solutions that will function reliably, even in the most rigorous environments.

Because we offer turnkey services, you can eliminate the inconvenience of working with multiple manufacturers:

  • design and engineering 
  • manufacturing
  • material sourcing
  • prototyping
  • testing
  • timely delivery

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