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User Interface: Intelligent Touch Sensing

HSS™ Intelligent Touch Sensing



When it comes to touch sensing technology, you won't find a more reliable solution to capacitive variance than Heuristic Signature Sensing, better known as HSS™ Touch Sensing Technology (HSS™)*.​

HSS™ reduces equipment failures and downtime.

Rather than using the industry standard capacitive set-points to register touch, HSS™uses touch signatures. This advanced technology provides the highest level of secure human-machine interface by eliminating false and unreliable actuations, even in the most challenging environments.

HSS™ solves two critical challenges:​

  • filters out variances such as raindrops
  • works when operators are wearing gloves

HSS™ uses touch signatures rather than predetermined capacitive set-points. As a result, the only touches that trigger a response are those matching the design parameters you designate. ​

When you need to eliminate false actuations in the most challenging environments, HSS™ could be the solution you need.  

Eliminate variance resulting from false triggers: ​

  • cleansers that can cause a false trigger or leave behind a film that prevents positive touch recognition
  • gloved touches that might otherwise cause disruption of signal
  • humidity and temperature changes that can alter the capacitance of a system or decrease functionality
  • low-power interruptions, since HSS™ includes an Enhanced Low Power (ELP) chipset that maintains low-power operation without performance loss
  • water variance resulting from water sprays, splashes, and rain

*The Cubbison Company is licensed to sell Heuristic Signature Sensing, also known as HSS™ Touch Recognition Technology (HSS™) by AlSentis®.

Excluding Variance

HSS™ software analyzes electrode signals at the point of touch. This intelligent analysis recognizes fingerprints based on signal shape and the speed of touch, thus eliminating false triggers.​

HSS™ Diagnostic Mode detects potential inconsistencies that could hinder your intelligent touch sensing system’s performance.​

HSS™ Enhanced Low Power (ELP) enables a low-power operation without performance loss.​

The ability to eliminate inadvertent touches or false triggers is crucial, since some triggers can result in catastrophic failure in threshold-sensing systems. HSS™ solves this problem by recognizing touch signatures only and omitting any physical contact that does not match your device's defined parameters.

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