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User-Interface: Touch Technology

Touch Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in a world of connected devices, each of which requires an intuitive form of user interface.

The Cubbison Company manufacturers fully customizable user-interface solutions that are designed for accurate and intuitive operator control, even in the most challenging environments.

Medical Device TouchscreenOur design engineering team can help you customize a touchscreen that will be intuitive, precise, and sustainable, regardless of operating conditions.



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Collaborate with a Single Manufacturer

The Cubbison Company can comply with your specifications or we can work with you to customize solutions that will function reliably, even in the most rigorous environments.

You can eliminate the inconvenience of working with multiple manufacturers, since The Cubbison Company's offers turnkey services:

  • material sourcing when appropriate
  • design and engineering services
  • prototyping
  • manufacturing
  • testing
  • timely delivery 


About The Cubbison Company: We provide spec-ready and customized solutions to meet the printed electronics, user-interface, and commercial product identification needs of our clients. Companies in the medical device, defense, transportation, industrial power, oil and gas, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors rely on The Cubbison Company for engineering and design expertise, manufacturing precision, and exceptional service.


The Cubbison Company manufacturers capacitive and resistive touchscreens that provide a reliable response to stimuli, even in rigorous conditions or when inadvertent actuations are a concern. 

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HSS™ Touch Sensing Technology

When you need the ultimate in eliminating variance, HSS™ Technology is an option worth considering. 


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