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Engineered Solutions

The Cubbison Company has been transforming visions into realities for more than 68 years. Our designers and engineers take your idea and applying best practices and cutting edge technologies, produce a superior and accurate solution that solves your need. From design and engineering to technical capabilities to offshore and international resources, Cubbison has the capacity to generate a reliable solution for you.


We partner with customers from start to finish while offering design support and recommendations along the way.


Engineers on hand streamline your project to ensure it meets the specified requirements, compliance and safety standards.


We employ comprehensive experience and latest technology to deliver unmatched quality.


Expedited solutions when you need them the most. We offer on-time and rushed delivery to multiple locations with a single purchase order.  
Certifications and Accreditation
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Certified Converter Seal 2019-2020

Design and Engineering

Every project is unique. However, our approach to each project is consistent. As a manufacturer of industrial and commercial product identification products and flexible electronic devices, Cubbison partners with customers from start to finish while offering design support and recommendations along the way. With our team of graphic designers and industrial and manufacturing engineers, we support customers across a range of industries and specialties. 

From nameplates and labels to membrane switches and touchscreens, Cubbison has years of experience and the latest technology to solve the most challenging designs and deliver a high-quality solution. Our design and engineering simplifies your project to ensure it meets your specified requirements while satisfying compliance and safety standards. 


Technical Capabilities

At Cubbison, we’re continually advancing our research and development practices and processes through new technologies and technical resources. Our world-class facility located in Youngstown, Ohio is home to some of the most experienced designers and engineers in the industry. From concept to completion, Cubbison’s technical capabilities ensure your product meets the highest standards of quality, precision, and performance.

We invest heavily in our capabilities to produce products that are functional and aesthetical while quantifying the cost and value for customers. From screen-printing and flexographic roll label printing to computerized color matching and digital offset imaging to being one of the few companies in the United States to offer chemical etching, Cubbison strives to always grow and satisfy customer demands in an evolving marketplace through a wide range of production capabilities.


  • Applying adhesives for all applications
  • Digital offset imaging in 6-color process
  • Sequential bar coding, consecutive numbering and variable data capabilities
  • One of the few certified Metalphoto® converters
  • Assembly, test and validation of HMI solutions using electronic functional specifications
  • Precision marking with CNC turret press, steel rule, digital flat bed, pick-and-place, and laser technology


  • KIWO Automatic Coating Machine
  • Douthitt Sahara Screen Dry Cabinet
  • M&R Eco-Rinse™ Automatic Screen Rising System
  • CST Digital Light Engraver
  • FlexLaser II
  • FlexPlacer Pick and Place