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Industrial Power

Solutions for Industrial Power

The backbone of the industrial world, you’re supplying energy and power to industrial, manufacturing, commercial and residential customers. With the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IloT), businesses and cities are more connected than ever through a network of industrial smart devices producing valuable new insights to optimize the grid, deliver clean water and reimagine the way we think about energy. Equipment and machinery supporting this endeavor must be equipped with product identification solutions of the utmost quality and compliance standards.

For more than 68 years, organizations fostering new energy initiatives have come to know and trust The Cubbison Company for their production identification needs. Our team of designers and engineers understand your products and applications to create labels and tags that clearly identify your equipment specifications, operating instructions, safety procedures, and warnings. We can visualize and build the solutions you need to empower the world. This includes switchgears, drives, control and instrumentation panels, transformers, pumps, valves, motors and generators.

Cubbison knows that as integrated solutions, your products must be long lasting. That’s why our solutions are engineered to stand the test of time and endure the harshest conditions ever imaginable. Our stainless steel and Metalphoto® applications serve as a prime example of materials to match extreme environmental conditions while ensuring superior quality and support.


Flexible Shipping

Ship to multiple facilities, regardless of language requirements or geographic location

Meet all Standards

Adhere to regulatory standards for the life of your product, in any environment

Cost Effective

Our products stop the counterfeiting of your products

Zero Defects

Zero defects, 100% inspection if required