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Labels: Printed, Domed, Cut-Vinyl 

Printed, Domed, and Cut-Vinyl Graphic Labels

Printed labels for industrial and commercial use are manufactured on pigmented substrates or metalized polyester. These substrates are suitable for high-volume labeling, barcoding, sequential serial numbers, product tracking, and asset management.

You can eliminate tooling costs associated with printed labels by selecting standard or custom dies from from The Cubbison Company's library of more than 3,000 die options.


Domed labels have a distinctive three-dimensional appearance resulting from their polyurethane base. They are ideal if you need to match irregular configurations or improve aesthetics. Domed labels retain their visual appeal while remaining resistant to ultraviolet radiation, chemical erosion, and other harsh environmental factors.

Cut-vinyl graphic labels offer a creative, durable, and affordable way to visually brand your organization or products. You can choose from nearly limitless color, font, and other design elements, including fluorescent and reflective special effects.


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Unique Identification Barcodes (UID) can be added to aluminum foil labels or vinyl/polyester decals to be compliant with MIL-STD 130, NAIM, DTM, and ISO15415 standards, an important requirement within the federal and defense contracting sectors.


Consider high-speed label printing as an affordable way to accelerate your project. 

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