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Customized product and user-interface solutions

 ISO9001, AS9100, and ISO13485 certified


Manufactured with integrity and precision 

 ISO9001, AS9100, and ISO13485 certified



Nameplates are a long-term solution for product identification, branding, asset management, barcoding, tracking, compliance, and safety. 

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label printing


Labels are a versatile and lightweight solution for branding, asset management, barcoding, tracking, compliance, safety, or information purposes.

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Overlays create a tactile and more intuitive user experience. They are used as a standalone option for branding and asset management. Overlays also serve as the point of user interface for membrane switches and touchscreens.

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Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are lightweight, all-in-one printed electric circuits that are engineered to sustain millions of actuations. Their thin and flexible layers make them optimal for many environments. 

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Sensor Blog


Sensors monitor and collect data about biological, environmental, and mechanical factors such as temperature, humidity, touch, position, tilt, weight, strain, glucose, oxygen, and more. Because of their precision and reliability, sensors play an important role in the medical device and aerospace sectors. 

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Touchscreens are user-interface devices that respond to touch. Projective capacitive touchscreens, like those used with smartphones and tablet devices, respond to touch on the display itself. Resistive touchscreens respond to pressure, making them ideal when operators wear gloves or when inadvertent touches could be a problem. 

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HSS Intelligent Touch Sensing by AlSentis try 1

HSS Touch Sensing Technology

Rather than using the industry standard capacitive set-points to register touch, HSS™ Intelligent Touch Sensing uses touch signatures. This advanced technology provides the highest level of secure human-machine interface by eliminating false and unreliable actuations, even in the most challenging environments.

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Industry Certifications

At The Cubbison Company, quality assurance is more than a buzzword. It is the character of our company and a commitment to our clients.

ISO Logos

We adhere to robust quality management systems, and as a result, we have successfully achieved ISO9001, AS9100, and ISO13485 certifications.

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Handling your project, concept to completion

Count on us for design engineering, manufacturing, printing and converting, prototyping, quality testing, and timely deliveries.

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Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering team will collaborate with you to customize your products. From prototype through production, we provide guidance and quality testing to ensure that you achieve ideal functionality and satisfy specifications, compliance, and safety standards. 

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping can help you vet the design and functionality of your product before you invest in a full production run. You can rely on a prototype to test proof-of-concept, visual appeal, or functionality. To help you stay on track, we can deliver prototypes within a matter of days. ​

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Printing & Converting

High-speed digital printing and converting provide unmatched precision, versatility, affordability, and quick delivery, when used in isolation or in combination. 

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