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Overlays: Human-Machine Interface

Overlays for User-Interface Applications

Dishwasher control panels, smartphones, and remote controls are just three overlay applications that are part of our daily lives. We don't need to understand the workings of the printed circuit board (PCB) to trust the device's response.


Membrane Switch

Overlays are the point of human-machine interface (HMI), making their design complexity an important consideration. Overlays typically include icons, embossed keys, and color indicators to guide operator control.

Overlay design is especially important for equipment that is used in industrial settings, such as the oil and gas, industrial power, manufacturing, defense, aerospace, transportation, and medical device industries. 

Operator errors in these industrial settings can have catastrophic results, including the loss of equipment, productivity, and human life.  

For this reason, HMI overlays require special attention during the design phase.

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Rapid Prototype Program

Test the aesthetics and functionality of your overlays with The Cubbison Company's Rapid Prototype Program.

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Prototypes can help you vet the design and functionality of your product before you invest in a full production run. You can rely on a prototype to test proof-of-concept, visual appeal, or functionality. To help you stay on track, we can deliver a prototype within a matter of days.

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