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HSS™ Intelligent Touch Sensing By Alsentis

Heuristic Signature Sensing better known as HSS™ Touch Recognition Technology by AlSentis® uses touch signatures, not predetermined capacitive set-points, to sense exactly when a touch happens. This eliminates false and unreliable actuations and helps to deliver engineered HMI solutions that are highly dependable in the most challenging environments.


Your Solution to Capacitive Variance

There isn’t any type of electric field touch technology that can overcome variance better than Cubbison HSS. Just about anything can cause variance, from rain water activating a car door’s keyless entry system, to a work glove making it nearly impossible to use a touchpad.


Water Variance

Water sprays and splashes, including rain, have been an issue for capacitive systems because they can create false actuations.

Glove Touch

While some gloves are specially made to trigger a touch, work gloves usually require additional calibration of the device for consistent operation.


Any type of interference, such as radio frequency or injected line noise can drastically alter capacitance, creating false triggers.

Humidity & Temperature Changes

Humidity and temperature changes can alter the capacitance of a system during the manufacturing process from part to part and degrade while in the field.


Fluids like glass cleaner are ionized. A splash can either cause a false trigger, or leave behind a film that limits or prevents positive triggers.

Low-Power & Various Touch

Capable of low-power operation without performance loss.

How Does Cubbison HSS Work?

Cubbison HSS recognizes touch signatures and omits anything that does not match. This allows touch systems to account for any type of variance and sense true touch events every time. By removing the capacitive set-points, the technology helps deliver engineered, trusted HMI solutions that allow for more reliability in even the most challenging environments.

What Cubbison HSS Means for Your Business?

Cubbison HSS technology is very customizable and quickly implemented into most designs and materials. With no base-lining or counter-measures to worry about, programming the system takes less time. This makes us an ideal solution for just about any application in any industry requiring reliable, consistent touch responsiveness.

Cubbison HSS Diagnostic Mode alerts manufacturers to any potential inconsistencies that could hinder a touch system’s performance.

What Cubbison HSS Means for the End User?

End users benefit from higher yields and reduced downtime because they do not have to worry about in-field equipment failures with Cubbison HSS. Workers can expect reliable and consistent touch feel and actuation.

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