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Download a free guide to support your membrane switch design

by Glenn Farrell, on Apr 10, 2023 4:34:47 PM

Whether you are relying on mechanical switches or want to better understand the structure and function of membrane switches, we recommend that you download the free Membrane Switch Design Guide. 

Our design and engineering experts have created the Membrane Switch Design Guide to demonstrate how a complex electric circuit can be constructed in the form of a flexible and space-efficient membrane switch. 

You can download the Membrane Switch Design Guide to better understand the design, construction, and functionality of membrane switches. 

Specifically, the guide provides insight into: 

  • circuitry 
  • customization options 
  • graphic overlay options 
  • layered construction 
  • switch types 

Our clients often ask whether membrane switches are suitable for rigorous industrial environments.  

The industrial sector has been slower to adopt membrane switch technology because of the misconception that less rigid membrane switches might not withstand the rigors of industrial environments. In truth, membrane switches are valuable for industrial controls. A recent blog details these benefits.  

Some of our clients prefer to continue using silicone rubber keypads (SRKs) in conjunction with membrane switches because they provide superior ergonomics and a more tactile operator experience. Check out this blog for SRK applications. 

The following is just one example of how membrane switches are successfully applied in industrial settings. 

Our industrial food client depended on reliable temperature control for food storage. They were specifically concerned about durability since the food storage area would be cleaned daily with high-pressure water hoses and chemicals. Our team designed a membrane switch to meet the stringent National Electrical Manufacturer Association Level 4 (NEMA 4) standards. 

Please contact us at with questions about membrane switch design, construction, and applications. And remember that we can provide prototypes in a matter of days. 

Membrane Switch Guide and Related Resources 

Download the Membrane Switch Design Guide for details about the design and construction of membrane switches. 

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