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What the seasonality of supply chain issues can mean for customers.

by Cubbison, on May 23, 2022 1:27:22 PM

No matter the industry, every company has faced the challenges that come with an interrupted supply chain. At Cubbison, we’ve prioritized keeping projects moving during the pandemic, and continue to build up our domestic manufacturing process to ensure our customers are getting their products on time. In this blog post, we’re adjusting to the external factors that play into supply chain disruptions to stay ahead of the curve. 

What Causes Supply Chain Backups in Our Industry 

In our industry, we recognize supply chain disruptions can happen at any time and could occur for any number of reasons. The delays and supply chain interruptions we encounter at Cubbison are issues that typically stem from external factors such as labor shortages, production capacity constraints, transportation delays, sharp increases in demand, or a mix of all the above. Because of these elements, we continue to place priority on our domestic manufacturing process. 

There are still those times of the year in which all industries can become backed up due to predicted circumstances. At Cubbison, we do our best to remain sensitive to those delays as well, whether they are national holiday closures (domestic and international) or times of the year when shipments are slowed due to environmental factors such as the weather, etc. One way we overcome this is by working closely with our raw material suppliers to minimize the impact of those factors when we are aware of them.  

How Domestic Manufacturing Makes a Difference 

Almost all Cubbison products are manufactured domestically at our Youngstown, Ohio facility. We have a small portion of products that we outsource to trusted international suppliers, but that list is short and selective. By manufacturing our products domestically, we have a higher level of control over our customers' parts and the processes which they go through.

International manufacturing is beneficial in terms of controlling costs in uncertain economic times, but in a culture where there is an emphasis on the quality of product, on-time delivery, and efficiency: domestic manufacturing is the clear winner. At Cubbison, we can provide our customers with a different level of service when they’ve chosen to trust us with their parts instead of outsourcing them to another manufacturer. Doing so allows us to monitor the process from start to finish, guaranteeing the quality, delivery, and everything in between.  

In addition to the quality benefits of domestic manufacturing, we are simply able to get our customers’ parts to them in a quicker manner. In a time in the world when everything is on backorder, there’s a huge benefit to having a supplier which can deliver in all aspects to keep their customers’ projects moving.  

Cubbison’s manufacturing process is largely affected by our ability to source the raw materials needed to produce products in a timely manner. In most cases, raw material sourcing for the custom product identification and printed electronic manufacturing industry is really just a delicate balance between on-hand inventory and being flexible and adjusting to fit our customers’ needs. Internal processes are in place to ensure that we have everything we need on hand to produce quality parts for our customers quickly and efficiently. By working together with our customers, production team, and suppliers daily, we can keep ourselves ahead of the curve in terms of material availability to better position ourselves to beat the lead times of our competitors. 

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