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The Trickle-Down of a Vibrant Culture: Collaboration, Continuity, and Confidence

by JC Kocjancic, on Aug 14, 2022 10:32:33 PM

If you are frustrated by late deliveries, a lack of responsiveness, limited access to expertise, or a lack of confidence, then read on. 

 We get it. You can do business almost anywhere, and there are lots of companies that pair what you need with good service.  

So, why are we talking about the culture of The Cubbison Company?  

Because the health of our culture impacts more than service.  

A vibrant culture changes the level of collaboration within our company, the continuity of expertise we offer, and the level of confidence you can place in us. 


 It’s Different This Time 

The Cubbison Company has a 70-year history and a longstanding reputation of excellence. We are proud of that record, but we also know that we can’t stand still. 

Employee expectations have changed, workforce retention is more challenging, and global market factors have a greater impact on our ability to provide what you need when you need it.  

In keeping with The Cubbison Company mindset, we don't want to keep up. We want to lead. And so, we have committed to a top-to-bottom culture overhaul. 

Looking Beyond Customer Service 

It goes without saying that we are committed to superior customer service. 

So, we posed this question: How do we shift our culture in a way that changes what our clients receive from us? The answer? Systemic change.  

We began by replacing leadership platitudes with employee engagement.  

We improved the way we listen to our employees. 

We offer more cross-training and opportunities for career growth. 

We reconfigured our facility to support efficiency. 

We carved out a professional and appealing space for employee breaks, product training, and inspiring presentations. 


 Establishing Pillars of a Vibrant Culture 

We thoughtfully and objectively evaluated our environment and decided on three pillars to guide every Cubbison employee: 

  • TRUST: We listen more than we speak; act on feedback; show appreciation; encourage coaching; practice consistency; foster an inclusive culture; and promote honesty and transparency. 

We live this out through collaboration and an above-and-beyond mindset.  

  • OWNERSHIP: We lead by example; act proactively; accept constructive feedback; ask for clarification; and take accountability. 

We live this out by treating every job as a passion project.  

  • RESPECT: We recognize the worth of our colleagues; value their contributions; and treat every person with professionalism. 

We live this out by contributing to a healthy, respectful, and professional environment. 


Our Culture Trickles Down to You 

We have seen the tangible and positive outcomes of a healthy company culture. 

Collaboration: When our employees feel valued, they are more satisfied. And we have noticed that employee satisfaction contributes directly to good habits in attendance and on-time arrivals, as well as an attitude of collaboration.  

Continuity: Employee satisfaction and greater career opportunities translate into the retention of trained employees and the ability to attract new talent.  

Client Confidence: As we minimize the day-to-day drain on productivity, we can put more focus on achieving on-time deliveries, cross-training, integrating new technology, and exceeding expectations in every aspect of client interaction. 


What’s next? 

If you are satisfied with the business you have entrusted to us, we would love to share more of the products and services we offer: 

  • user-interface solutions, including membrane switches, sensors, FSR sensors, and touch technology 
  • nameplates, labels, and overlays 
  • rapid prototyping 
  • design and engineering expertise 

Contact our engineering team, and let’s discuss how we can improve or expand the business you conduct with us. 

If you’re not familiar with The Cubbison Company, please contact us to talk about your business objectives.  

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