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Printing Sensors with Silver Chloride

by Cubbison, on Nov 29, 2021 11:23:56 AM

Medical device designers continue to invent better sensors for unique applications and user convenience. Many of these sensors use silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCL-) electrodes for various reasons and purposes. The efficacy of the Ag/AgCL- surface is greatly influenced by several factors, including:

  • chemistry of the ink
  • compatibility of printed Ag/AgCL- surface with adjoining hydrogels or electroanalytical fluids
  • shelf life and preparation of ink for printing
  • avoiding dissimilar metal in the printing process
  • handling and packaging of printed Ag/AgCL- sensors

Proven Experience with Printed Electronics

Cubbison’s experience in Printed Electronics and Sensors will fast track your development project of novel and bespoke sensors for medical or industrial applications. Our close relationships with material vendors, including inks, gels, substrates, and screens bring to you a combined technical and QC force of the best minds in the business.

Prevailing demand for sensor design is based on body-conformable form factor. Recent advancements with thermoplastic urethane (TPU) films and process-compatibility with conductive inks have met the challenge for comfortable multi-functional devices that can be worn throughout emergency or other hospital stays.

Many sensing applications require empirical testing to determine the compatibility and efficacy of the various materials for the intended purpose. There are many types of Ag/AgCL- inks available for a variety of functionality. These must be tested for compatibility with other ink layers and the fluids or gels that the sensor may encounter.

The Process Behind Cubbison's Silver Chloride Products

Cubbison can present printed test coupons to the designer for empirical testing with the designer’s chemistry and purpose. Cubbison can then provide the prototyping and needed process development with the specified material set (bill of materials or BOM).

Cubbison understands the requirements for producing repeatable and reliable sensor electrodes. Ag/AgCl inks are inherently unstable with the featured Cl ions that are free to wander. Proper refrigerated storage, stirring equipment and screen flooding are needed to avoid adverse reactions and maintain consistent printing properties.

Printed Ag/AgCL- surfaces must be carefully handled, processed and packaged to maintain the electrode surface for low noise electrical sensing often required. This includes dissimilar metal corrosion, printed surface effects, oxidation, and other hazards not obvious to the inexperienced printer or designer.

See How Cubbison Can Help Your Business 

Cubbison’s competence with conductive materials, substrates, surface mount attachment, cutting, and laminating is backed by AS9100D, ISO9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management systems. Cubbison also has a thorough understanding of 510(k) and QSR requirements to help with your new designs.

“Both of the past two jobs have been really high quality so far as I can tell upon initial inspection. It is my belief that these are the best batches we have received from you to date! Thank you so much for working to make these parts to such a high quality!”

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