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New Form Factor Printed Electronics

by Cubbison, on Feb 22, 2021 4:14:37 PM


With recent market demand for eTextile, Cubbison has identified new form factor substrate options and has developed the printing techniques and handling processes to produce soft, pliable circuitry, and sensors. Our engineering and production teams can enable your idea from prototype through production. 

Our attention to detail is the reason why Cubbison is widely recognized as a world-class manufacturer and can deliver solutions in specialized verticals like new form factor printed electronics (PE). 

Compatibility That’s Soft, Quiet, Conforming, Durable 

Many applications for printed flexible electronics and sensors require a better interface. This could be a wearable biosensor  or a seat sensor where pliability, comfort, low noise, and durability are important. Printed electronics using polymer thick film (PTF) materials perform well on a wide range of substrates or transfer inks that make possible new form factor circuitry and sensors. Cubbison can provide a thoroughly engineered combination of PTF, substrate and process to meet a wide array of performance requirements.

Stretchable and washable requirements are challenging and often elusive. There are many applications, however, that require minimal stretchability and limited or no washing. Ideal applications require the following features: soft, pliable/supple, 3-D shapeable, durable, quiet when deformed, comfortable, or undetectable when worn. 


  • Wearable Technology 
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Hospital Care and other Healthcare applications
  • Sensors -pressure, humidity, temperature
  • Logistics tracking
  • Biosensing, therapy, treatments

New Form Factor Options Used at Cubbison

Cubbison offers solutions using the following substrate and PTF combinations:

  • Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) film – these include mono-layer and multiple layer combinations for features such as heat lamination. 
  • Resin-coated Textile – several textile grades and resin coatings are available to meet the needs of the customer’s requirement. 
  • Non-Woven Fibers – these offer low-cost durable solutions with a wide range of form factor.
  • Polymer Thick Films – these include silver ink for traces, silver chloride ink for sensors, carbon ink for resistors, insulation inks to protect, force sensing resistor (FSR) ink, positive thermal coefficient inks for heaters, adhesives for lamination, etc.

Cubbison - The Reliable Choice

Inventors like you need a competent partner like Cubbison to deliver fast and robust solutions. 

Short Lead Times

We produce prototypes and the manufacturing process can often be completed within a matter of days.

Produced and Tested In-House

Quality control is of the utmost importance to Cubbison, as evidenced by our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certifications.

Smaller Run Options Available

At Cubbison, we pride ourselves on customization and prototyping, no matter the volume of product needed.

Personalized Service for Any Application

While most customers come in knowing what they need, Cubbison is able to assess each individualized need and come up with an application for that specific functionality .

Looking for assistance with the initial design of your soft sensor? Cubbison is here. Already know what needs to be done and looking for a better solution? Cubbison is ready! Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and get started.