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Manufacturer Receives Prestigious AS9100 Certification

by Cubbison, on Jul 21, 2020 3:01:03 PM

Cubbison officially classified as an AS9100 certified manufacturer for the aerospace industry

Youngstown, OH: The Cubbison Company is proud to announce its recent AS9100 certification, a globally recognized quality management certification allowing the long-standing company to manufacture and supply products for the aviation, space, and defense industry.



For almost 70 years, The Cubbison Company has been the premier manufacturer of critical identification products, labels, and flexible and printed electronics. And, while they’ve already supplied products to leaders in the aerospace industry, like Honeywell and Boeing, Cubbison looks forward to working with even more aviation, space, and defense industry leaders.

“An AS9100 certification is one of the most strict quality management systems in the world,” says JC Kocjancic, Chief Operations Officer at The Cubbison Company. “It’s a global standard that not only distinguishes us as a high-quality supplier for aerospace companies but also identifies us as a trusted, focused, and reputable supplier within the printed electronics and product identification industry, in general.”

The Cubbison Company is also recognized as being ISO 9001 certified, a quality management standard utilized by organizations of any size, in any industry. Together, the two certifications further improve Cubbison’s internal processes and products while increasing support within the team.

“We are continuously working to improve ourselves and our processes. This recent AS9100 certification highlights that dedication to quality,” says Alex Stellmar, Director of Quality and Safety at Cubbison. “Our team is extremely proud of this achievement, and we look forward to what it means for our company.”

Cubbison produces a wide variety of products, including nameplates, labels, overlays, membrane switches, flexible electronics, touchscreens, and a patented HSS™ Touch Recognition Technology that eliminates false touch actuation.

The Cubbison Company was founded in 1951 and is a premier global manufacturer, supplying product identification items to numerous industry verticals. With over 75 employees and almost 70 years of experience, Cubbison is dedicated to engineering products and streamlining processes that consistently exceed customer expectation. For more information about The Cubbison Company, please visit or call 800-733-4133.