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Eliminate Variance: Introducing Intelligent Touch Sensing Technology

by Cubbison, on Jan 23, 2018 9:40:00 AM

Let’s set the scene. You are a design engineer who just created a prototype of a membrane switch and graphic overlay. After extensive lab testing in a controlled environment, everything checks out great and there are no issues to report. However, when put up against real world elements, accidental actuations and false touch triggers begin to occur. There’s actually a name for this.

It’s called capacitive variance and design engineers see it as a thorn in their side. Just about anything can cause variance, from noise interference such as radio frequency to rain water, and even the type of gloves you wear can make it nearly impossible to use a touchpad. This may not seem like much, but in the manufacturing world, capacitive variance can result in lost production, time-consuming redesigns and even costly recalls.

Introducing Heuristic Signature Sensing better known as HSS™ Intelligent Touch Sensing Technology. This revolutionary new solution from Cubbison utilizes touch signatures, not predetermined capacitive set-points, to sense with 100% accuracy when a touch happens. Unlike traditional capacitive threshold sensing, our approach recognizes adjustable touch signatures and omits anything that does not match. Cubbison HSS provides the opportunity for touch systems to account for any type of variance and sense true touch events every time and in the most challenging environments.


Removing the set-points opens the door for a more consistent user experience and provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Eliminate false actuations and experience continuous operation when sprayed with water
  • Consistent touch feel and no loss of performance while wearing gloves
  • Noise-tolerant; system passes 10V of injected line noise
  • Exact touch capabilities even when protected by glass or plastic
  • Allows for multiple touch signatures to account for different inputs
  • Touch feel is not affected by temperature and humidity changes
  • Capable of low-power operation without performance loss
  • Does not require constant base-lining and counter-measuring

device-image-blogThis AlSentis® technology that allows Cubbison HSS to eliminate variance also allows it to overcome changes in tolerance and ignore manufacturing variance. To manufacturers, this makes for a more dependable product, even if components are slightly off from part to part or batch to batch. Cubbison HSS technology is very customizable and can be quickly implemented in most designs and materials. With no base-lining or counter-measures to worry about, programming the system takes less time.

Experience HSS and see firsthand how intelligent touch sensing technology is revolutionizing the marketplace. Our demonstration video shows how common types of capacitive variance are no match for HSS. Your hands will thank us!

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