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The Pursuit Of Manufacturing Excellence Starts & Ends With Quality

by Cubbison, on Aug 27, 2018 12:05:00 PM

Why quality is important for a business to deliver customer satisfaction and ensure loyalty

Quality over quantity – it’s a concept we learned early on in life and demonstrates the ability to produce a thing that is of the highest standard rather than a lot of something that is of lesser value. In today’s fast-paced, want it now world, the phrase has lost some of its luster. Organizations across various industries are determined to be the first to get a product or service that’s “just enough” out the door and in the hands of customers before the competition.

Time is money and businesses presume quality is expensive, time-consuming and unprofitable. However, this is far from the truth and organizations shouldn’t overlook the importance of quality and its impact on the marketplace. In fact, quality improves processes and procedures that in the long run reduce costs and makes customers happy. 

Ensuring Product Identification & Nameplate Labels of the Highest Standard 

The Cubbison Company prides itself on quality and is always striving to exceed customer expectations with superior products and services. That means continually reviewing instructions and procedures to discover even better ways to improve the quality of its processes and solutions. But, how does an organization such as Cubbison go about enhancing its quality?

That’s where Alex Stellmar steps in. He’s Director of Quality and Safety for Cubbison and is meticulous in every detail in his pursuit of manufacturing excellence. With more than 25 years of experience in quality across various industry sectors, Stellmar is diversified and well aware for an organization to be profitable and ensure customer satisfaction; it must always be pursuing perfection in critical processes and supporting activities. 

“The quality department is a vital component of today’s manufacturing facilities,” states Stellmar. “For an organization to be successful, clear targets must be established in terms of its contribution to profitability, reduction in cost of quality and developing new skills.” 

ISO 9001:2015 Certification Establishes Quality & Commitment

Cubbison exhibits a commitment to quality as its industrial and commercial product identification solutions and flexible electronic devices are of the highest standard through ISO 9001:2015. Stellmar is responsible to persevere these standards by building quality and reliability specifications through the study of product and customer requirements to identify conformities and deficiencies that can be corrected to enhance processes that improve the product while lowering production costs.

Stellmar takes a deep dive into Cubbison’s procedures by applying black belt analysis, which he acquired while becoming certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt. He focuses on the metrics and their importance in Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) projects, as well as incorporating different types of data and how that data can be utilized to resolve the issue at hand. This type of analytical approach ensures Cubbison is producing products and services of the highest quality.

Alex Stellmar Achievements:

• Oversaw quality at five manufacturing facilities across North America
• Key Program Manager for John Deere, Carrier Transicold, Prevost and Inoac 
• Experience in supplier development, ISO 9001:2015, lean manufacturing, root cause analysis, 5S Workplace Organization Methodology, quality auditing and Six Sigma Black Belt 

However, the pursuit of perfection in manufacturing processes takes a team effort. Meet Amanda George. She has over five years of experience working in manufacturing quality and joins Stellmar as Cubbison’s Quality Engineer. It’s her responsibility to ensure engineering and manufacturing procedures are performed adequately using the appropriate tools, materials and processes. A key part of her duties involves designing Cubbison’s quality standards and testing processes against those criteria. 

“Quality is an important component for any organization not only because it establishes relevance in the industry and having good products, but is also a cost saver,” says George. “As a quality engineer, I play a critical role in helping Stellmar enhance the quality of our instructions and processes here at Cubbison.”

Amanda George Achievements: 

• 5+ years of working for a Q1 Quality rated organization 
• Served as a quality inspector for an automotive manufacturer 
• Extensive experience performing Gage R&R analysis

Quality over quantity – it’s the age-old lesson that has been lost in translation in today’s fast-paced world. Sacrificing quality for volume can lead to short-term success, but flaws and shortcomings in products or services will eventually catch-up to a company and impact customer expectations. Quality on the other hand, will only increase an organization’s reputation and product loyalty. That’s something Cubbison has demonstrated in the past and will continue to do in the future with Alex Stellmar and Amanda George.