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Metal Selection: Tips for Design Engineers in the Industrial Power Sector

by Glenn Farrell, on Oct 6, 2023 4:30:25 PM

Industrial power companies are facing several unique challenges, including an aging infrastructure and outdated equipment. As plant upgrades and equipment replacements occur, design engineers will have an opportunity to reassess metal nameplate substrates.  

For industrial settings, the ideal substrate will optimize durability, reliability, and affordability.  

The following factors feed into the design of metal nameplates in industrial settings.  

Environmental Conditions 

Operating environment plays a crucial role in material selection. Before selecting a metal for nameplate design, assess the material’s exposure to: 

  • extreme temperatures 
  • humidity 
  • chemicals
  • potentially abrasive elements 

Scenario: In a corrosive environment, where exposure to chemicals or saltwater is common, stainless-steel nameplates could be ideal choice because of their resistance to corrosion. 


Cost-Benefit Analysis 

Cost comparison is another important aspect of design. Design engineers need to look beyond initial costs to consider the lifespan of various metals. The right decision will minimize future costs:  

  • maintenance 
  • repair 
  • replacement 

Scenario: At times, investing in higher-grade material can lead to significant cost savings in repair and replacement down the line. 


Collaborate before Selecting a Material 

Manufacturing experts are a reliable source of collaboration for design engineers during material selection.  

Manufacturers can add value in many ways: 

  • Expert knowledge about the properties, characteristics, and applications of various materials.  
  • Technical assistance with project requirements, performance expectations, and material options. 
  • Prototyping and quality testing to assess how varied materials perform under specific conditions or stressors 
  • Custom material development options tailored to the specific needs of a project. 
  • Cost analysis support, including material procurement, manufacturing processes, and long-term maintenance. 
  • Supply chain insights, such as the availability, reliability, and timely supply of materials.
  • Quality control processes and certifications to support industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Material substitution recommendations to provide similar performance characteristics while potentially reducing costs or addressing specific environmental concerns. 

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