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Looking Beyond The Price Quote

by Cubbison, on Oct 24, 2019 1:42:23 PM

blog-cub13For purchasing managers across the business universe, getting the best possible price for a product or part is considered to be Job #1. Of course, the quality of that item is also a determining factor in whether to buy or not. So what they are really after is the best value for the money— the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet their requirements.

Most often, when an apples-to-apples comparison is made between the products of vendors, the prices quoted could vary widely. A major price difference most often makes the decision easier, but when that gap is small the decision can be based on the intangibles—the ‘values added’ one company provides that are superior to another. In other words, what are those advantages a customer receives that increase the value of the product.

In the case of The Cubbison Company, a leading manufacturer of nameplates for a variety of applications, providing a wide range of unique advantages to its customers in the form of values added is deeply rooted in its corporate DNA.

Value Added #1: Our People First and Foremost

Cubbison’s culture allows employees to thrive and the company to grow. This positive work environment people helped create is due to the buy-in of the Cubbison’s commitment to mission, values, ethics, expectations and goals. Every employee has a stake in the company’s success and understands his or her role in delivering not just a great product, but a high level of customer satisfaction.

The level of experience and expertise of Cubbison employees would be difficult to match in the nameplate production industry. With a large percentage of the staff being on the job for 30 years or more, there are very few challenges they have not been called on to solve.

Value Added #2: Expedited Solutions When You Need Them Most

Cubbison relishes its reputation as a Solution Provider. We partner with customers from start to finish while offering design support and recommendations along the way. Our designers and engineers take your idea and, applying best practices and cutting edge technologies, produce a superior and accurate solution to virtually every challenge. From concept through delivery, our team has the experience to recommend the optimum materials and manufacturing process that will deliver a final product that easily meets or exceeds requirements.

Value Added #3: Minimal Capital Investment Through Rapid Prototyping

An essential step in the product design process is prototyping. New orders, especially those with unique specifications, require the development of a prototype. Cubbison’s rapid prototyping program will provide the customer with a model of the product to ensure it meets specs and performs as expected. This step allows form, style and functionality to be tested before the customer makes a sizable investment in an unproven product.

Value Added #4: Solid Vendor Relationships

An important factor in meeting customers’ expectations begins with creating a strong partnership with high-quality vendors. Solid, long-term relationships with vendors has provided a significant advantage to Cubbison in terms of providing solutions, materials selection, on-time delivery and pricing.

Value Added #5: Quality Begins With Prime Raw Materials

It doesn’t require a PhD to understand that the end-product is only as good as the materials used to create it. In the manufacture of its nameplates Cubbison employs prime raw materials purchased from service centers that deal directly with the mill. In addition to contributing to the quality of finished product, this process ensures that materials are compliant with the stringent requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS)—standards developed by the European Union now adopted by an increasing number of countries around the world. Use of prime raw materials is also important to manufacturers requiring United States Department of Defense (DFARS) certification which mandates that materials meet stringent standards and be sourced in the U.S.

Value Added #6: An Unparalleled Stocking Program

Cubbison maintains a very robust stocking program; at any given time $100,000 + worth of materials are stored on our warehouse shelves. This offers a particular advantage to customers in the form of multiple options in materials and thicknesses. Additionally, it provides our team with the ability to develop solutions to design, production and on-time delivery challenges quickly.

Value Added #7: Commitment to Continuous Investment

Investments in leading-edge equipment, software, processes and training continue to secure Cubbison’s position as the frontrunner in the nameplate industry. The company not only views this as not only a commitment to its business model but a commitment to its customers. We’re continually advancing our research and development practices and processes through new technologies and technical resources. We invest heavily in our capabilities to produce products that are functional and aesthetic while quantifying the cost and value for customers.

Value Delivered

Just like any RFQ, a price quote from Cubbison contains costs related to design, materials, prototyping, manufacturing and shipping. When you peel away those factors you are going to discover intangibles that very few other manufactures can deliver. Now that’s real value.