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Chemically Etched Nameplates

by Cubbison, on Sep 19, 2013 3:43:00 PM

Chemical etched stainless steel and aluminum nameplates are very durable, making them suitable for harsh environments.

Chemical etching is a controlled chemical process that selectively removes metal.

After the nameplates are etched, you can choose to fill in the etched area with enamel paint or you can just leave it as is. This type of application is not an engraving or impression, but an etching into the metal itself, where it will stay forever. This option is excellent for the corrosive environments to ensure that your print will remain clear and last a lifetime.  

Chemical etching can be broken down into a series of steps: Cleaning, Laminating, Exposing, Developing, Etching, and Stripping.

  • First, the material, or substrate, is laminated with light-sensitive photo resist, which forms a coating to protect against solvents or etchants. This photo resist is then exposed to UV light to get a positive image of the product. 
  • Once this is done, the etching begins. This is when the unprotected parts of the metal are removed to form the prints. Each step along the way is done with control and precision to ensure the best quality possible.

Chemical etching is ideal for nameplates that are designed to be in harsh environments but require a sharp appearance. This process puts virtually no stress on the material, which results in the final product having no burrs.

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