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Being Close Doesn’t Cut It! Perfecting Precision with Screen Printing Technology

by Cubbison, on Mar 29, 2018 11:28:00 AM

Cubbison invests in state-of-the-art ATMA -OE optoelectronic screen printer to exceed customer expectations.

Flexible and printed electronics provide exciting opportunities for applications that can change our lives. There’s a growing demand in hybrid electronics, coupling Silicon-based technologies with printing and other manufacturing processes, that’s helping to bring these solutions closer to Atma-H-Webmainstream from sensors and wearables to radio-frequency identification. Sensors for example have already made a significant impact on flexible hybrid electronics. From automotive and aerospace to cosmetics and packaging, sensors are being utilized in more commercial and smart manufacturing areas. As a result, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will eventually require billions of sensors, as monitoring temperature, humidity and other characteristics ensure quality and product authenticity.

It’s important more than ever to have the advanced machinery in place to develop precise materials that guarantee durability, but also can be produced at a rapid speed. Cubbison utilizes state-of-the-art capabilities and processes to perfect product identification solutions and flexible electronic devices. This is achieved through the use of screen printing, flexographic printing, engraving, etching, die-cut, laser-cut, digital printing, embossing and barcoding technology.

One of which is the ATMA -OE four-post precision optoelectronic screen printer from ATMA. A global leader in high-end flatbed screen printing systems, ATMA is ISO9001/ISO14001 certified for top quality. The ATMA -OE features an ergonomic design with open access for accurate substrate registration and efficient off-loading. Plus, a heavy duty base eliminates machine vibration at all speeds. The print table top is made of high strength aluminum alloy with a honeycomb interior structure and a horizontal head lift keeps the screen parallel with the printing table for an even flow of ink. Operators control the screen printer from a user-friendly HMI digital touch screen panel that facilitates short setup times.

Atma-V-WebCubbison is able to take the ATMA -OE and produce materials tailored to a customers’ requirements. This includes digital control of all printing parameters and an integrated CCD registration with manual substrate alignment for faster productivity and higher yields. Suitable for high precision screen printing on film/flat thin plate/glass such as touch panels, this large-scale screen printer designed for easy selection of ascending and descending lay-stops for 3-point substrate register.

With the ATMA -OE four-point screen printing machine, the Cubbison team can skip the I-cut process after digital printing due to camera optics. This greatly reduces waste while saving time and keeps production extremely cost-effective. Additionally, this particular model includes a unique printhead locking system and slotted print table to produce repeatable ink uniformity, deposition and greater accuracy for close tolerance printing. Both of these features are indispensable for consistent control in printing 40 micron lines/spaces.

The ATMA -OE four-point screen printing machine provides Cubbison with the platform to continue developing exceptional solutions with reliable delivery while maintaining unmatched product standards.

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