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A Solution for Tuthill

by Cubbison, on Aug 1, 2017 4:51:00 PM

Tuthill Transfer Systems has been manufacturing positive displacement pumping solutions on the south side of Chicago since 1927. The products we manufacture for Tuthill are nameplates, labels and membrane switches, supplying 115 different types of products over our nine-year relationship. We ship to them every day. Our collaboration of an innovative solution is why we were chosen as a Value Minded Supplier for 2017.

 tuthill_pumpThe challenges of Tuthill’s high volume, high demand orders are only possible through Tuthill’s detailed annual order forecast that is then tweaked daily through a collaborative digitally managed, inventory scanning system. We ship to Tuthill literally every single working day. In order to ensure the accuracy needed to keep their inventory stocked, all of our products are scanned upon arrival. We keep track of the scans so we can internally manage our products in their inventory and place the orders accordingly. Every day we know exactly what they used so that we can automatically and accurately update their inventory needs. Being a Value Minded Supplier and consistently shipping exactly what they need day in and day out is only possible with Tuthill’s attention to accuracy, organization, reliability and willingness for collaboration with Cubbison’s efficient, professional, and quality oriented staff of Sales Application Engineers.

We would also like to give a big shout out to Judy Cornelius, who is a valued Sales Application Engineer for Strategic Accounts here at Cubbison. She has been working with Tuthill for nine years, playing a major role in managing the Tuthill account so that they always have what they need. It is our belief that a company is only as good as the employees who work there. Thanks to employees like Judy, and the rest of the manufacturing and shipping staff, The Cubbison Company can be the solution for high demand, high volume companies like Tuthill.

Dont just take it from us! Click here to see what Paul Pike, Manager of Strategic Sourcing at Tuthill Transfer Systems, has to say about Cubbison!

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