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  • Adhesives for Every Surface

    Having issues with your nameplate/label not sticking. Speak with one of engineers so we can recommend just the right adhesive for your application.  As a 3M Preferred Supplier, we have access to adhesives for smooth, textured, and powder coated surfaces.

  • Stainless Steel Membrane Switch

    Does your membrane switch need to be "explosion proof? Explosion proof means the material used in manufacturing the membrane switch needs to be able to prevent a hazardous charge Membrane switch overlays are typically manufactured out of polyester or polycarbonate.  Neither of these materials can prevent the hazardous charge.

  • Chemically Etched Nameplates

    Chemical etched stainless steel and aluminum nameplates are very durable, making them suitable for harsh environments.

  • Hot Stamp Labels

    Looking for a low cost, durable label solution?
    Cubbison now offers Foil Stamp Labels aka Thermal Transfer Labels. Hot Stamp printing is a process that uses controlled heat, pressure and precision to transfer a metallic foil or color, to the surface of a substrate such as; polyester and vinyl.

  • Cubbison Company achieved design and manufacturing success with a membrane switch for AmSafe Aviation-Phoenix, Az.

    AmSafe is the world's leading provider of safety restraint products for the aerospace, defense, specialty and vehicle industries and they recently received FAA approval on the first and only seatbelt airbag system for use on commercial flights.  In the event of a survivable accident, an inflatable bag stored in the lap belt portion of the seatbelt protects passengers of all sizes from traumatic head and neck injury.

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