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  • Cubbison Accepts Award from Worthington Industries

    With honor Cubbison's Tim Merrifield accepted an award from Wothington Industries at their 2014 Supplier Recognition Celebration in Columbus, OH.  Meeting Wothington Industries demands is no easy feat.  Excellent performance, quality, and on-time delivery are just a few characteristics needed to achieve certified supplier status from Worthington. Here at Cubbison we strive to meet the ongoing demands of our customers while delivery a high quality product on-time.

  • What are PMS #'s?

    What are PMS colors and why do we need them?
    stands for Pantone Matching System and is also referred to as Pantone colors. Color swatch books are available from Pantone (

    where you can select a color from the swatch book and determine the specific ink mixture or CMYK value needed to achieve that color.

  • Gasket Design Membrane Switch

    Do you have an application that comes in contact with water?  If your answer yes, we recommend adding a gasket to your membrane switch design.  A gasket design is suggested for high moisture environments and can prevent liquid ingress.  In a standard membrane switch design, the circuitry is made out of the same material as the ribbon cable; therefore, a tail filler is needed.  The tail filler replaces the ribbon cable shape in the materials and the gaps on the side of the ribbon filler are potential pathways for liquid to enter the switch

  • Force-Sensing Resistors

    When your application requires the detection of an increased applied force, then Force Sensitive Resistors may be the technology needed for your membrane switch.  A resistor is a device that reduces and regulates current flow in an electrical circuit. Resistors consist of a conductive polymer, which changes resistance in a predictable manner following application force.  They are supplied as a polymer sheet or ink that is applied by screen printing.  Cubbison’s in-house Engineers will design each resistor specific to your application.  Contact us for additional information at

  • Adhesives for Every Surface

    Having issues with your nameplate/label not sticking. Speak with one of engineers so we can recommend just the right adhesive for your application.  As a 3M Preferred Supplier, we have access to adhesives for smooth, textured, and powder coated surfaces.

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