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Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Fleets, municipalities, and transportation services keep the world moving. A significant amount of time transporting goods while encountering a wide range of environmental variables can result in tremendous wear-and-tear for all forms of transport services, whether that’s by ground, by rail, in the air, or by sea. Etched data nameplates can become difficult to read from years of abuse from sunlight exposure, salt, and impact abrasion. Illegible plates can lead to replacement costs, inability to track cargo load location and maintenance, safety hazards, and in some cases, regulatory fines.

Tracking and traceability is critical to the success of equipment and fleet management. The Cubbison Company has the knowledge and experience working with OEM’s and shippers in the transportation industry to manufacture customized and durable identification solutions. We utilize the most advanced technology and expertise to build nameplates, labels, and tags that last the lifetime of your vehicle while meeting guidelines and regulations.

At Cubbison, we value open communication. That’s why our team developed four transportation specific solutions centered around you, the customer. These ensure we’re always responsive and attentive.


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