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Solutions for the Medical Industry

Durable, simple, and secure – medical device labels and tags must poise these qualities and more in an industry that exemplifies health and safety.  In healthcare, equipment and supply labels should effectively deliver simple and safe instruction that’s in compliance with industry regulations while also being functional at all times. This means standing the test of time and excelling under the most challenging environmental conditions. 

Production Identification and Labeling Solutions for Medical 

When it comes to safety and functionality while delivering clear and concise labeling and tags at an affordable price, The Cubbison Company is ISO 13485 certified and delivers superior graphic solutions that meet strict standards. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes only the most premium materials and components to identify your resuscitator, monitor, ventilator, sensor, mixer, or stretcher-chair.  In addition, we can help engineer membrane switches and touchscreens ideally suited for clinical or in-house use cases. Cubbison specializes in supporting Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) activity. 


HMI Development

Technology leadership, utilizing the latest in HMI development


Our in-house engineering department compliments yours

Cost Effective

Cost effective, life cycle extension knowledge

Zero Defects

Zero defects, 100% inspection if required