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Aerospace - AS9100D Certified

Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Extreme temperatures, rapid atmospheric pressure fluctuations, and sunlight exposure are among the many environmental conditions aerospace designers and engineers need to be mindful of as they develop equipment and its components. In an industry where there is no margin of error, the materials advancing aviation to new heights must be of the highest quality standards, match precise specifications, and offer long-lasting durability. Be confident knowing your nameplates, labels, overlays, membrane switches, and touchscreens are of industrial strength to deliver maximum performance in the most challenging environments.  

Product Identification and Labeling Solutions for Aerospace 

The Cubbison Company, an AS9100D Certified company manufacturers lightweight and resistant product identification nameplates that have garnered attention from many of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers. We are versatile in our capabilities to develop a wide array of components for aerospace and defense from front panel overlays to warning and safety labels aligned to industry standards. This includes research and development, testing, engineering analysis, modeling, and prototype development to ensure a sound solution.  

  • 30,000 square foot, full-service manufacturing facility to engineer and manufacture solutions 
  • We shape each engagement around your design process and offer flexibility to create engineered drawings and artwork if necessary 

Meet Specifications 

Our materials and solutions are certified by aerospace and federal organizations: 

  • AS9100D
  • UL & CSA
  • MIL-STD, -P, -M, -S, -A
  • A-A-59485
  • FED-STD 595

Meet Federal regulatory requirements

3rd party certification

Multiple language capabilities

In-house Graphic Services