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Solutions for Defense

The challenges are unique. The regulations and specifications are rigorous. Superior performance is mandatory. These are the objectives our nameplates, labels, overlays, HMI solutions, and more must achieve. And we do so with flying colors.

The Cubbison Company provides durable labels that are in compliance with the United States Department of Defense regulations including matching standard colors and coatings. Engineered for maximum performance on any type of armed forces hardware, Cubbison’s solutions provide lasting durability in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Cubbison employs a full spectrum of capabilities for the industry. Our processes include chemical and mechanical engraving, screen-printing, digital printing, bar coding, serialization, and more. We stock a wide range of materials in varying sizes and grades so you don’t have to rely on multiple vendors. We can combine the process and the material to fit any application.


Rigid, flexible HMI solutions

Offers design freedom, space efficiency, light weight, sealability, and durability


Product Identification Products from a wide variety of materials, processes, and capabilities tailored for your specific product requirements. 


Ability to include barcode or UID marking


Highest quality and delivery in the oil and gas industry.