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Resistive Touch Screen

Resistive Touch Screen

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Resistive touchscreens are a solid investment for many industrial applications because they are the most durable touchscreen available. They offer superior performance in reliability, durability, and longevity. Whether the application is heavy use or exposed to challenging environments, resistive touchscreens maintain their accuracy, drift free operation, and input flexibility. Resistive touchscreens are ideal for gloved operation because they are pressure sensitive. Our resistive touchscreen product line can be customized for sunlight readable applications.


Type Size (Inches)
4 Wire Resistive 3.5, 5.7, 6.5, 7.4, 8.4, 10.4, 12.1, 14.1, 15, 17, 19, 21
5 Wire Resistive 6.5, 10.4, 12.1, 15, 15.1, 17, 19, 21
8 Wire Resistive Custom
Projective Capacitive Custom


4-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

For cost effectiveness, 4-wire resistive touch screens are an ideal solution for cost effectiveness. Our touchscreens engineered by Cubbison consist of a conductive bottom layer of glass and a conductive upper film that are separated by transparent spacer dots. Voltage applied across the surface of the screen changes when pressure is applied, which is detected by the controller.

4 & 8-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

When you need membrane switch integration, we implement 4 & 8-Wire resistive touchscreens. Eliminating the need for perimeter gaskets, these screens can be bonded to the graphic overlay of any membrane switch. For superior durability and protection, we can add ESD shielding.

5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

What sets the 5-Wire Resistive touch screen configuration apart are electrodes set in to the bottom layer component, with the top layer of film measuring the voltage. The flexible top film makes contact with the layer beneath with applied pressure, acting as a probe. Extremely resilient to damage and designed to withstand heavy usage, 5-wire resistive touch screens are a  responsive and durable option for many consumer-driven applications.

8-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

Additional sensors engineered into the edges of the 8-wire resistive touch screen configuration provide stable voltage gradient for the controller. The benefit of the sensing conductive traces is drift correction by the controller and no need for recalibration. The top film layer is separated by spacer dots from the glass or film bottom panel that allows for changes in voltage to be detected by the controller with the application of pressure.

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