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Technical Capabilities

Technical process capabilities performed in-house

Cubbison is a full-service industrial product identification and HMI solutions manufacturer.  We are proud of our heritage of designing, engineering, selling, and producing your nameplates, labels, overlays, and printed electronics in-house.  And we reinvest in our equipment, processes and people to continue to do so. 
We have made significant reinvestment in our capabilities to produce products that can be functional and aesthetical:


  • Kiwo automatic coating machine
  • Douthitt Sahara screen dry cabinet
  • M&R EcoRisnse automatic screen rising system
  • CST digital light engraver
  • FlexLaser II
  • FlexPlacer pick-n-place

Wide-ranging production capabilities - from screen-print to digital to etched metals.

We turn out high-quality nameplates and labels to your exact requirements. 

  • We are proud to serve as one of the few companies in the US that offers chemically etching - a fast, cost effective alternative to traditional engraving that yields sharper lines and imagery
  • Digital offset imaging in 6-color process
  • Photosensitized aluminum (Metalphoto®).  Cubbison is one of only a handful of Certified Metalphoto converters in the world
  • Screen printing (solvent and UV)
  • Flexographic roll label printing 
  • Computerized color matching
  • Precision marking/cutting via CNC turret press, steel rule, digital flat bed, pick-and-place, and laser provide accurate finished products
  • Sequential bar coding, consecutive numbering and variable data capabilities enable mass-produced customization
  • Assembly, Test, and Validation of HMI solutions incorporating electronic functional specifications are met
  • Adhesives for all applications

 Call us today to talk about your project and which of our in-house technical capabilities are best suited for your application.