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Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch Technology

Our highly specialized touch sensitive input devices by Cubbison are expertly designed and fabricated for all circuit activation/de-activation requirements. Our membrane switches are professionally printed on superior materials for the utmost flexibility, heat stabilization, and reliability. Using state of the art digital printing machinery and conductive inks, our engineers ensure efficient turnaround time and precise design matching.

Custom Design Consulting

When customers choose Cubbison to manufacture their membrane switches, they are not only opting for the US-based leader in the industry, but also the best customer service standards.  Our experienced engineers provide digital design assistance through every step of the process, from determining compliance standards, choosing appropriate materials, through delivery of prototypes.  Click here to access our Membrane Switch Design Guide.

Why Choose Cubbison Membrane Switches?

Cubbison’s experience in membrane switch manufacturing for all applications means precision and a commitment to quality. Designing and engineering from our facility in Ohio, we guarantee fast turnaround time and flexible long run value. Also offering complete integrated membrane switch assemblies, Cubbison will ensure the project is completed to the highest standards, from design to assembly, saving you both time and money.

Membrane Switch Design Capabilities

Once the circuitry of the membrane switch is in place, the graphic overlay is added as the direct interface between the device and user. Polycarbonate and polyester overlays are most commonly integrated to suit the durability requirements and environment of the device. Our advanced equipment can provide customized design features such as embedded LEDs, backlighting, transparent windows, and stainless steel overlays are all possible customizations with Cubbison’s advanced equipment, as well as selective texturing, hard coating, embossing and dead front graphics cosmetic customization.

Switch Layer Design Capabilities

You can choose from multiple switch dome options including metal domes for tactile feedback, polydomes, and flat non-tactile design alternatives. Cubbison offers a range of design choices, including ESD/RFI shielding, NEMA 4, tail length and exit point, interconnectivity, and adhesive options to further customize the membrane switch to your precise requirements.

A Full Service Membrane Switch Solution

We at Cubbison are proud to provide specialized component solutions to customers since 1951. Offering additional membrane switch features such as electroluminescent and fiber optic backlighting, sub panel, PCB integration, metal membrane switches, and Light Guide Films is part of maintaining our position at the top of the trade.

Contact Cubbison today to find out more about the component integration options available including Duraswitch™silicone rubber keypads, copper flex circuits, touch screens and to request a quote

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