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Silicone Rubber Keypads

Silicone Rubber Keypads

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Cubbison's silicone rubber keypads allow for even further customization of your graphic overlay, PCB or membrane switch designs. Cubbison engineers will work with you to determine the components required to meet your exact needs.  Working with one of our experts ensures that you can customize tactile feedback, color printing, and three dimensional variables, so your product is unique and fits your needs.

Industrial control panels, medical devices, electronics, military equipment, laboratory machinery, and marine applications are all best engineered with integrated keypads.  The team at Cubbison commands the expertise and knowledge of the industries served to provide you with the highest quality and most precisely engineered keypad solutions in the business

Silicone Rubber Keypad Specifications


Cubbison's keypads are manufactured from elastic, silicone rubber, Cubbison keypads are processed by either compression or injection molding. The silicone rubber keypads are durable and cost efficient, and can be custom colored with a full spectrum of pigments. Two-shot molding allows for the key surface to be one color and the sides another, while flow molding avoids the cost and time required for spray painting, still resulting in a multi-colored key pad.


Suggested hardness for silicone rubber keypads is between 40-60 shore A. The higher the durometer, the higher the actuation force and snap ratio, but the lifespan of the key pad is reduced. Low durometer equates to longer usability but lower actuation force and snap ratio. Cubbison offers dual durometer solutions in UL flame classifications of UL 94HB and UL94V0.

Keypad Printing and Hardcoating Capabilities

Cubbison offers a range of custom options for silicone keypad finishing, from colorful printing to durable coatings to suit specific applications. Screen printing is optimal for flat top keys, while spray paint and laser etching techniques are more common for molded keypads. Custom designed graphics, colors, and key labels are possible using both methods.

For abrasion and oil resistant keypads,  we recommend PU coating, while hard coating with clear silicone ink over the printed keys is an alternative for protection against wear and tear. Epoxy coating not only provides long lasting abrasion resistance, but also gives keys a hard, plastic feel. A cost effective option is key capping, which allows for the feel of plastic keys over the molded rubber keypad.

Some applications require conductive contacts, and we have this capability as well. Molded with carbon pills or screen printed with conductive ink, conductive keypads for many applications are a low cost and industry standard compliant solution.

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