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Silicone Rubber Keypads

Silicone Rubber Keypads

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  • Silicone Rubber Keypads

    Our silicone rubber keypads allow for customization of your graphic overlay, PCB or membrane switch designs. Cubbison engineers work with you to determine the components required to meet your exact needs. Working with one of our experts ensures that you can customize tactile feedback, color printing, and three dimensional variables to your needs.


    10 quick design cheats

    1. What materials and thickness should I consider for my SRK?  The overlay is typically a polyester and the keypad is either general purpose silicone and Flurosilicone.  Overlay thickness typically range from 0.125 to 0.254mm but it is often dependent upon the material being used.  Use a minimum base thickness of at least 0.15mm, although 1.27mm is more typical.

    2. What actuation force should I use?  Typical range is between 60 – 300 gr depending on the application and design criteria

    3. What about the hardness of the rubber?  Use keypads in the 40 -60 Shore A range.

    4. Does the structure of my button matter?  Typically, this is based on design preference, but round buttons will give the user the most actuations (~ 1 million). 

    5. What if I have an overlay?  The structure and shape will not be an issue with regard to actuations.

    6. What about durability?  SRK can be treated with several different coatings to increase durability.  Overlays typically have either a gloss, matte or textured surface.

    7. What colors are available to me?  Any PMS color can be achieved for the overlay and the SRK.

    8. What options do I have for backlighting?  SRK can utilize light pipes, light guide film or fiber optics incorporated into the SRK layer or PCB construction.  Overlays can be backlit with LEDs, light guide film or fiber optics depending on design.

    9. Are there gluing options I need to consider?  There are many different adhesives that can be used to achieve optimum adhesion on plastic housings of low or high surface energy.  We typically recommend 3M products matched to the application – use a high quality glue!

    10. Should silicone rubber keypads be certified?  Yes, just as important as any other component or product, certification such as UL should be standard practice. 

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