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Copper Flex Circuits

Copper Flex Circuits

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Copper Flex Circuits by Cubbison

Customers choose our engineers at Cubbison when they need Copper Flex Circuitry for several reasons.  As a US-based authority, we provide outstanding customer support and expert hands-on design assistance to customers.  Individually engineering superior Copper Flex Cicruitry for clients means providing quality, cost effective, customized products that integrate seamlessly with our membrane switch technology.

Benefits of Copper Flex Circuitry

The flexibility of Copper Flex Circuitry allows unique connectivity challenges to be met with ease, as well as size restraints. Installation and repair is simple, and the elimination of connectors and solder joints further reduce cost over the lifetime of the circuit. Copper Flex Circuits can be tested prior to assembly of components, avoiding time-consuming re-assembly.

These simple systems are designed to reduce interconnections and eliminate the margin for human error that can be common in traditional wire assemblies. Lightweight and thin (0.10mm), Copper Flex Circuits are the best choice for flexible applications that require millions of flexures, and weight reduction when compared to wire harnesses.  Improved heat dissipation and flexibility, paired with the overall simplification and improved appearance of the internal electronic package make Copper Flex Circuits a popular choice among Cubbison clients.

Materials for All Applications

At Cubbison, we engineer Copper Flex Circuits in Polyimide by Kapton, Polyester by Dupont, Mylar, PEN by Kaladex/Kalidar, and ULTEM by GE for completely customized circuitry solutions. Contact Cubbison for more Copper Flex Circuitry specifications and to request a quote.

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