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The Cubbison Company's Rapid Prototype Program can help you vet the design and functionality of your product before you invest in a full production run. You can rely on prototypes to assess aesthetics, feasibility, fit, form, and function.  To help keep your product on track, we will deliver prototypes within a matter of days.


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Customize your nameplates, labels, and overlays:

  • barcoding and UID
  • converting
  • easy-to-clean finishes and anti-microbial films
  • graphic design options
  • language translation
  • lasting readability
  • industry-compliant substrates including Metalphoto®
  • lightweight and flexible material options
  • secure adhesives 
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Membrane Switch Features

  • actuation reliability that often outlasts equipment
  • aesthetic and tactile qualities with backlighting options
  • compact profile, from 0.005 to 0.040 inches
  • easily customized with colors, logos, sizes, and shapes
  • improved speed and functionality
  • intuitive operation promotes accuracy
  • sealed construction simplifies cleaning and protects from moisture and contaminants
  • simple plug-and-play design eliminates need to rewire individual circuits
  • suitable for curved or irregular surfaces

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Membrane Switch Application in the Food Industry

Our industrial food client depended on reliable temperature control for food storage. They were specifically concerned about durability since the food storage area would be cleaned daily with high-pressure water hoses and chemicals. Our team helped them select a membrane switch design to meet the stringent National Electrical Manufacturer Association Level 4 (NEMA 4 ) standards. 



Cubbison has been supplying nameplates and labels to our company for over 25 years. Their customer service staff is always friendly, and they have a very fast response time. Our trust in their quality and reliability has only grown with such a long-term relationship, and their pricing has remained competitive."


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