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Value Added Services

Services that improve your business performance

We’ve spent the time and effort to identify what makes us a strategic business partner to Fortune 200 companies.  As part of our standard operating model, we now offer these services to every customer.  That’s right, these are not add-ons. 

  • Flexible purchasing arrangements that align with your strategic sourcing goals.  Benefits include greater sourcing certainty, risk mitigation and increased inventory turns
  • Our dedicated staff of graphic artists and pre-press specialists can support your global platforms by working in foreign languages.  The Cubbison design team can also create custom art from scratch to assist you in replacing lost drawings or create detailed drawings for new products.
  • Co-located engineering department within the Cubbison facility helps to ensure your design requirements are translated to the factory floor.  Our engineering team can help you lower your new product development costs and reduce cycle times.
  • Expedited solutions when you need it most.  We are capable of delivering to multiple locations on single purchase orders, lowering your indirect costs while also helping you to efficiently utilize your manufacturing facilities

Contact us today to find out how we can provide substantial improvements to the performance of your business.